Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sad Day To Sail


This tag was put together using my own imagination. Any resemblance to any other tag or tutorial is purely coincidental.

Some working knowledge of psp is needed in order to complete this tutorial.

Supplies needed:
I am using PSP9- all versions will work

Tubes of choice-I am using art of Suzanne Woolcott
You can purchase her art here
Please do not use without proper license.

Scrapkit is the gorgeous work of BitsNBobs- It is called Sailboats
You can purchase this scrapkit here

Template 4 by me – you can download it here

Mask of choice- wonderful selection of mask can be found here

Font of choice

Let’s begin:
Open template – delete credits layer and star layer
Resize canvas to 700x700

Grab your magic wand-make sure the circle layer is highlighted
Click inside with magic wand
Paste paper 8 as new layer
Selections-invert-delete on keyboard

Open bead dangles and paste as new layer
Hit delete once more on your keyboard
Open element 2 which are the sparkles
Paste as new layer and hit delete again

Open tube and paste as new layer
Place as desired
Duplicate layer and move the duplicate to the top of layers
Close layer off
Back to the original layer

Hit delete on keyboard
Select none
Go to duplicated tube-unhide
And erase any excess tube that is showing at the bottom of your circle

Highlight the vine doodle
Selections-select all- float-deflate
Paste paper 7 as new layer
Selections-invert-hit delete on keyboard
I deleted the original vine doodle-it’s up to you if you want to or not.

Follow same steps as above for the sun doodle-I used paper 1 this time

Open flower 2 and resize by 70%
Copy and paste as new layer
Position on left side of frame-See mine for reference
Duplicate layer and put it on the right side of the frame

Add any other elements that you would like to make this tag unique and pretty
You are more than welcome to use mine as reference and guidance.

Paste paper 8 as a new layer and move it to the bottom of your layers
Apply your mask
Merge group

Add licenses and copyrights
Merge all-Save as a png for best quality

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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