Saturday, August 22, 2009

She Dreams


This tag was put together using my own imagination. Any resemblance to any other tag or tutorial is purely coincidental.

Supplies needed:
Tube of choice
I am using the work of Nicole Brune
You can purchase it here

I am using the kickass kit from BitsnBobs
You can purchase it here
Font of choice

Plugins (Optional)
Gradient glow

I am using PSP9 ( any version will work)
Some working knowledge of psp is needed to complete this tutorial.

Let’s begin:
Open new canvas 700x7oo
We can crop later
Flood fill white

Open bubble 3 in kit and paste as new layer on your white canvas
Open tube you are using and place on the bubble and center of it.

Open Ivy 3 and resize by 50%
Paste as new layer and position to the bottom right.
See mine for reference
Move raster under the tube layer in your layer palette
Duplicate layer and image-mirror
Add drop shadow of choice

Open element 5 which is green ivy
Resize by 50% and place under the pink ivy
See mine for reference
Duplicate layer and image-mirror
Add drop shadow

Open frame 1 and paste as new layer
Move layer to bottom just above the background layer

Open lace doodle 3
Paste as new layer
Image-Rotate to the right 15
Move layer above the background layer and below the frame layer

Add any other elements from kit you would like to.
Add copyright and license if applicable.
Merge all layers and save as PNG for best quality.
Thank you for trying my tutorial.

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